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Sunday, 7-May-2006 17:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Akasyah's Birthday

the party invitation
zarif and adam
them again... v khusyuk watching Thomas... well, not so adam ;-)
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The event: Akasyah's (good friend, Manda Sanusi's son) 2nd birthday party
The venue: Manda's new house in D'sara
The date: 7th May 2006
The theme: Thomas & Friends
The guests: Many many mums and dads and toddlers and the grandparents
The favours: Thomas & Friends party packs with a very brilliant idea of a gift: Thomas VCD

The post-mortem: good party, relaxed, no frills, everyone happy, my son a bit too 'involved' in the party as he decided to help blow the candles of the cake!

Oh, and the party invites: made by yours truly...

Thursday, 4-May-2006 06:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
make today a good day with your loved ones...

Amidst our respective daily routines and obligations, there's the inevitable truth that many too, among us aren't having too good a day. While browsing through some pages here on FP, one struck me incredibly.( I've been checking her pages for almost a week now. And it saddens me each time thinking of the emotional strain they must be going through now.

I lost a niece 2 years ago. She had just turned 5 months when she left us tragically. One day she was her normal, happy, super-easy baby that she was, and the next, she was rushed to DSH and within hours, my sister watched her princess (literally) fade away. On a personal note, I deeply regret not embracing her more than I could have. See, my arwah niece was born exactly 9 days after my own son, Zarif. So, just as my sister was busy attending to her new baby, I too, and perhaps even more, was busy struggling adjusting to motherhood and my newborn son. Many times, I only just 'spoke' to my late niece through her playpen. I carried her ONCE only. That regret in me for not playing with her more often haunted me for the first few months after that tragic February afternoon when we got the phonecall from my brother-in-law, informing us of the news.

The point of this entry here today is this: embrace and cherish each moment you have with your loved ones. No doubt, stress levels may rise as you attend to super-buas toddlers (obviously speaking from experience here!), but we are their parents and they our kids, our 'mini-mes'. Allah's mapped out our respective lives and takdirs. As plain humans, we can only pray for our every happiness, health and well-being. But everything really lies in Allah's hands. So, meanwhile, control what we can. And that is, appreciate and care for our loved ones. And even with all the happiness and abundance of life's luxuries, we must also think of those having their not-too-good days. Insya-Allah... with our thoughts and prayers, coupled with their own prayers, their better days could be just around the corner... Insya-Allah...

Wednesday, 3-May-2006 02:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my first (official) wall art for my first wall art client

Some time back (not too long ago, not too recent la), a friend and I were discussing doing up our respective son's rooms. Being such fans of home interior and design work in general, our discussions tend to get a wee bit lengthy, often till the wee hours of the next morning! Hehe.

Nway, since then, she (Muna) has successfully done up her son's room. Adam now has a cozy and fun space he can call 'home'. To 'complete' the room though, Muna wanted me to help with some art pieces. So, taking on the challenge, I almost immediately agreed to come up with a series of tiny canvas paintings. The result: these paintings!! (they're a series of 3, to be hung closely together on the wall, or, displayed individually) They're still at home with me, yet to be mounted and presented in a 'professional' manner. But Muna can have that peace of mind knowing she'll soon be able to 'wallenized' (check her FP @ Adam's room.

As for myself, I've had Zarif's room furnished many months back. He still sleeps in our room though, for the simple reason that the Mummy and the Daddy have yet to install aircon, or even ceiling fan in his room! So for now, it's a showroom mostly. Haha.

Monday, 1-May-2006 10:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
when Zarif paints...

please excuse my lack of baju here...
will start with blue
the bekas needs a lil paintwork too
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The scene:
As expected, my lil one would want to try his hand at painting too. (Though he probably didn't see it as practicing a new skill, but rather, kacau the mummy while the mummy has to work. Hmmm....) But anyway.... I was working on a lil new project of mine (for a special client), when Zarif noticed the tubes of acrylic paints on the desk. Instead of brushing him away, or sending him to his Daddy so Mummy can work, I thought, "why not?". After all, I like to encourage my child to like art. So, gave him his art book, my smaller brush, and 2 colours to work/play with.

The set up:
On the floor, lined with the ever-useful oilcloth, him sitting on it and painting away... almost in the nude. Haha! Saves the stress I get when his bajus kotor. At least, ni kotor straight on his badan, just wash it away in the bath.

The result:
Not too bad a painting, if i may say so myself. Hehe. Plus, even better, it kept him focused and rather silent for the whole duration painting, which was a good half an hour!

Saturday, 29-Apr-2006 13:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
on Akad, birthday .... and new (toddler) room

the Akad invites
the birthday party invite
the lot completed!
After a few weeks fine-tuning design work, and paper stuff, it's finally completed. 220 cards for my brother's Akad (the reception invites were based on my propsed design, but was sent out to professional printers... i just took on the lesser work load, ie: the Akad invites). Been losing out on quite a bit of sleep past couple of weeks working on them cards, mostly late into the night, when Z (and the Daddy are both fast asleep). In between these invites, was also making party invites for a friend's son's birthday. But now that it's all completed, I have to say, it feels great. Satisfied, and well, the lil bit of money earned from my work, IS encouraging.

Next project... my play with paint on lil canvas boards for a dear old friend of mine who has recently been super-rajin (!!) doing up her son's room. I'm to 'wallenized' (quoting her here) Adam's (her son) room. Wish me luck!! Haven't painted in a while now. Spoilt la by the laptop. Hehe.

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